Opening August 2, 2021

IV Infusions

Pain Medicine Relief in Pasadena, CA

IV Infusions

IV infusion therapy is used to treat a number of health issues, such as cold + flu symptoms, hangovers, migraine headaches, workout recovery, stress + anxiety, and immune support + wellness. However, these treatments often require trips to the emergency room or urgent care.

At Ascension Pain Specialists, we are proud to offer IV infusion therapy conveniently in our Pasadena office. Along with receiving our helpful therapies, you will be directly taken care of by an actual medical doctor who specializes in anesthesiology and pain management.

Our therapies are safe, effective, and easy to understand. Using our unique knowledge of pharmacology and skills with intravenous access, you can rest assured that your IV infusion therapy experience will be powerful, informative, and pain-free. 

IV Infusion Menu showing the concept of IV Infusions
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