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People involved in personal injury litigation (for example, a lawsuit filed after a motor vehicle accident) often times require medical care from a pain specialist. Even if you have health insurance, the costs associated with your medical care may extend beyond what the health insurance company is willing to pay for. In such cases, Ascension Pain Specialists can work with you, and your lawyer, to create a contract for a medical lien and provide you the treatments you need at no upfront cost – in fact, no payment is made to us until you receive your settlement reward.

Did You Know?

A medical lien is a contractual agreement between you, your lawyer, and your physician to accept medical treatment at no upfront cost. Payment for medical treatment is made to the physician only if you receive a settlement reward from your personal injury case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for a medical lien for personal injury?

You may be a candidate for a medical lien if you need ongoing pain management treatments after filing a personal injury lawsuit, and your lawyer is confident that a settlement reward will be able to repay the cost of the medical lien. To determine if you are an ideal candidate for a medical lien for personal injury, have your lawyer schedule a consultation with Ascension Pain Specialists today.

What can I expect when receiving a medical lien for personal injury at Ascension Pain Specialists?

If you and your lawyer agree to a medical lien for personal injury with Ascension Pain Specialists, you will receive all treatments that are deemed appropriate by our pain specialists, with your consent. At Ascension Pain Specialists, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and technical standards in pain management, and we pride ourselves in consistently providing compassionate and personalized care.