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Pain Medicine Relief in Pasadena, CA



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Sam C.

I had shoulder pain from exercising and getting old. I came in for a prp injection and was immediately impressed by the office and staff. Dr. Agarwal spent a lot of time explaining my problem and the procedure clearly. I came out feeling great and can’t wait to get back to the gym


Jonathan S.

Very caring and understanding about your needs. They make you feel comfortable and are very concerned with your well being. I am so thankful for getting to meet him and he is definenitly helping me.


Chad A.

Dr. Agarrwai and his staff were absolutely amazing. He made extra time to fit me in the same day I called. His treatment and bedside manner were the best I have ever experienced. His professionalism was top notch. Highly recommend!


Hayley S.

Dr. Agarwal was incredibly professional and very gifted at what he does. I would highly recommend his office. Everyone was incredibly professional, and just all-around A+. Dr. Agarwal himself was really considerate and sensitive to the patient’s needs.


Frank R.

It was an amazing experience and amazing results


Doree S.

My sister Dinah had lung cancer and received such great care from Dr. Agawal. He is professional and truly cares for his patients. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone needing a pain specialist.


Travis J.

Being a hard worker and family man himself, Dr. Agarwal has always been there in those moments of need. He took great time to understand my personal frustrations and help me curb my low back pain and get me back to my “normal” as quickly as possible.


Avi M.

Dr. Rishi Agarwal made sure that my mother received exceptional care for her chronic back pain, where she is now finally able to get a good night’s sleep. He is genuinely one of the most welcoming, sincere, and attentive doctors that I have come across.